Wednesday 19 October 2011

Thunder and lightning

Clarens, 18.11.2011

We set out as early as possible after breakfast for the Kloof  Mountain Trail (moderate, 2 ½ hours, 4,5 km).  We took a couple of bars and our windcheaters. The sky looked a bit threatening.
It turned out that we had the perfect hiking weather. As soon as we arrived back at our cottage there was a funny rattling noise: rain drops on our metal roof. Hardly any though…

The real show started when we got back from town before sunset. The noise of the rain hitting the roof was horrendous. Great rush closing all the windows. Hail was falling! As I called David to come and have a look at the water gushing out in a huge spout on the next door cottage, he jumped up and shouted “Raining inside!”
Great rush covering up the laptop, with the map, and shifting the camera away…

Water gushing out of next door lodge.

This phase didn’t last long and soon it was dry again inside. But outside the thunder with intermittent rain lasted throughout our candle lit evening meal. Yes, the electricity never quite gave up.
We had a romantic meal to the sound of a Nana Mouskouri CD, cobbled together (the meal, I mean) from our emergency rations and superb loaf of bread cooked specially for us at our favourite restaurant:
At one stage the thunder joined in on cue with the drum accompaniment.

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