Wednesday 18 January 2012

A durian experience


Two kinds of durian for sale
We saw these durians for sale on a street stall and, of course, we had to try this tropical fruit. They sold us four slices on a nice take away container PLUS two plastic gloves because durians smell very strong. We found ourselves a suitable place nearby and had a go. Not a success, but we kept the rest just in case it was an acquired taste. Back at our Fragrance Hotel room we soon realised that keeping the package inside *several* plastic bags wasn't having an effect on the overpowering smell. At which stage we decided that it wasn't worth having another go... I took it to a guy having a rest on a recess on the pavement and his face lit up with delight at the word durian!

Singaporeans love this fruit, however there are some regulations about it in public places. We soon found here that they are forbidden in the underground.
Just in case, next day on our way to the Botanical Gardens we checked in the underground and indeed there it was the same notice, see left.

Coincidentally, at the gardens there was the most amazing Elephant Parade and one of them was a Delightful Durian by Nat Posila & Ed Robinson.

To cap this durian experience, at the Singapore National Museum I bought a tee-shirt with a durian drawing from the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings. No smell.

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