Friday 2 March 2012

Stingless bees nest

Periyar Tiger Reserve & Bird Sanctuary
Thekkady, Kerala, S India

Bees nest on a tree trunk, note the mud construction
We spotted this nest on the trunk of an old tree. Someone nearby got quite excited about it. He hadn’t seen one since his childhood and had fond memories of their honey that his father had given to him for medical purposes. Very tasty.
When a bee jumped onto my hand he promptly calmed me down, they were stingless! This gave me a clue and now I have found out that there is only one species of stingless bees in India: Trigona iridipennis.
Have a close look at the bees guarding the entrance to the nest. It is quite OK, they don't sting ;-)
They are rather small bee
Another nice encounter!

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