Monday 14 November 2011

Sundews on Table Mountain

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

In the boggy areas I spotted some bright rosettes. Some were about to bloom, see below. 

These plants are probably the Cape sundew Drosera capensis, but this needs confirmation

They are carnivorous plants. Below is a close-up of  the rosettes of another sundew species.

Close-up of  the Peninsula Sundew Drosera cuneifolia  


  1. The sundew close up is amazing! M

  2. Thanks. The first photo is not so good but it shows the flower buds.
    I wonder what is the function of those globules at the end of the stalks?
    Also, it looks as if there is an insect slightly off the center.

  3. I can't see what the texture of the globules is. The globules are either the sticky gel that traps insects or the glands that secrete it.

  4. The first one is definitely not D. capensis.

  5. Thanks. Would you like to me post a photo showing the leaves of the first plant properly?