Saturday 11 February 2012

Goat fashion parade

Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Rajshahi in the winter gets rather cold after sunset and people dress up in woolly hats and scarves. They feel the cold badly and so did we when riding in their open autos [electric rickshaws]. What was amazing to see was that their goats were dressed up!

Goats are the commonest domestic animal; it seems that some of them are treated as pets. Yesterday we were shown a lovely pet goat at a the house of one of Peter’s friends. We were told that she was in a bad temper [didn’t show] because she had been kept outside. This goat is allowed to share a bed and is bathed regularly. Not so much in the winter because she feels the cold and might get a fever.
Anyway, below is a selection of the most fetching apparel.

Does my bum look big in this?
Off to play cricket

Which of us looks better?
Colourful stripes for the youngster

Designer label for a  different breed


Extra layers and a scarf for a nursing mum
 And she deserved it as she has twins!

Cows were dressed up in sacks, and in many ways they were no match for the goats. For one thing they lack the goats' expressive faces.
Bangladeshi goats are really lovely animals and I hope that you will feel as captivated as I was.

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