Saturday 11 February 2012

Honeycomb covered with bees

Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gulshan is an extremely crowded area of Dhaka full of shops and swarming with people doing all kinds of things. What I wasn't expecting was the sight of a honeycomb covered with bees on the pavement!

Beautifully laid out honeycomb covered with bees
Communication was very difficult but they made it clear that if I wanted to take a picture I would have to pay the mighty sum of 100 taka [around 80 p]. About what a street vendor might make in an afternoon. Of course, I went ahead and they let me take as many pictures as I wanted. Bangladeshi men love being photographed and these honey vendors were no exception!

The guy on the left is showing off
If you look closely he has quite a few bees on his hands. The non-lungi wearers were part of the crowd that I managed to gather in no time at all. Rather embarrassing but it wasn't going to stop me.
The container on the right had honey, some strange lumps and drowned bees, see below.

Contents of the other container
While I was there they did sell some of this liquid stuff in glasses to be drunk on the spot. And one of the vendors was quite willing to demonstrate.

Dripping honey
They did offer me some, perhaps I should have tried it!

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